Application Process – for new membership

  1. All applicants must complete and sign the membership application forms.
  2. All application forms must be accompanied by cheque payment of £200 annual subscription plus £35 administration fee (£235).
  3. All applications must be accompanied by details, photographs and description of work undertaken of at least 4 properties including name and telephone number of the property owner. The property owner must have given permission and be aware that their property has been put forward for inspection.
  4. All applicants must have carried out at least 25% of the work.
  5. Sponsors of new applicants must be full members of at least two years – not associate, corporate or apprentice members. A sponsor will have to know the applicant and be confident that the applicant’s work is of acceptable standard.
  6. If an applicant is sponsored by a member of the exec, their work may not necessarily be inspected.
  7. If the applicant is already a member of a local Master Thatchers Association and there are no objections from the exec, their work may not necessarily be inspected.
  8. If the applicant has no sponsor then two exec members must inspect the work. At least three properties will be inspected (preferably two finished and one in progress.)

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