What We Do

As the National Society of Master Thatchers, “What we do” can be broken down into two main categories for the people that we help: Thatch Owners and Master Thatchers.

Thatch Owners

The current generation of thatch owners has high expectations for the longevity and appearance of thatch and these are not always realistic. It is essential to understand thatch, and to manage expectations in providing an explanation of how this organic material behaves without giving the impression that thatch owners face a string of problems.

A renaissance in thatch popularity has led to an increase in the number of thatched buildings on new developments. Attention to good design provides an opportunity for modern craftsmen to put their own mark along the thatching time-line and to manage the risks associated with fire.

Advice for Thatch Owners

Master Thatchers

Membership of the Society is through proposal and sponsorship by an existing member, followed by peer review. This entry procedure ensures that the very highest quality standards, of craftsmanship are maintained and clients can have confidence in thatchers who demonstrate Society membership as part of their in-house business promotion.

Benefits of Membership